Meet Taylor Lima




I have been surrounded by animals my entire life, starting in a 4-H club working with dairy cattle when I was just seven years old. When I got a little older, I started riding horses and eventually moved to competing in local show jumping competitions. We always had dogs in my family, and when we adopted a black lab mix (after begging and pleading with my parents) when I was around 12 years old, my father tasked me with training her. I took out dog training books from the library and used the knowledge I'd gained working with cows and horses to help train this unruly pup. I absolutely fell in love with dog training, and as soon as I was able I got my first puppy, a German Shepherd named Samson. We dabbled in bitesports, agility, and obedience, but when he became reactive towards other dogs as he reached maturity, my priorities switched to working through his behavioral issues. This is where I was introduced to the world of positive reinforcement training, and I have not looked back since! 

I have been working with dogs in a professional manner for over ten years. I have worked in grooming salons, day cares, and boarding kennels in addition to dog training. I am an avid dog sport competitor, currently competing with my dogs in agility, rally obedience, scent work, dock diving, coursing sports, and barn hunt. We currently have five dogs of various sizes, ages, breeds, and activity levels. Being active in dog sports, I have learned so much about motivating dogs to do what we want them to do, whether that be competing to high levels in sports or just walking nicely on leash. 

I pride myself on continuing to learn more about dogs, and how to create long-lasting, effective changes in behavior. I am constantly attending seminars, workshops, conferences, and continue to take classes with my own dogs as well. My goal is to help condense all of the knowledge I continue to acquire and pass it down to my clients so they can develop a better relationship with their four legged family members. 

Please read below for a comprehensive list of my qualifications, as well as a peek at all of the continuing education I have done. 

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Canine Good Citizen & Trick Dog Evaluator- American Kennel Club

Business Pledge Delegate- The Shock Free Coalition

Certified Trick Dog Instructor- Do More With Your Dog

Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed, Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers

Professional Member- Association of Professional Dog Trainers

Graduate- Dog Trainer Foundations, Karen Pryor Academy

Bachelor of the Arts in Journalism, minor Psychology- Kwantlen University, Vancouver, British Columbia



October 2021 "Heeling Games for Natural Attention, Animation, and Reduction of Reinforcers" by Denise Fenzi, Fenzi Dog Sport Academy


September 2021 "Teaching Your Dog to Play: Developing Play Skills for Relationship, Focus, and Fun!" by Kamal Fernandez, Fenzi Dog Sport Academy

April 2021 "Aggression in Dogs" Master Course by Mike Shikashio CDBC

May 2020 "Sexier Than a Squirrel" 25 Day Training Challenge, Absolute Dogs 

April 2020 "ChoiceandControl Is Not a Single Word" by Dr. Susan Friedman professor emeritus in the Department of Psychology at Utah State University

March 2020 "Feelings Change: Desensitization & Counter Conditioning" by Nancy Tucker CPDT-KA CDBC, Fenzi Dog Sports Academy

February 2020 "Recalls with Gemma Fisher" by Gemma Fisher, Carpe Canem

June 2019 "Managing Dog-Dog Interactions & Avoiding Dog Play Dangers" by Sue Sternberg at Tails U Win!

May 2019 "Puppy Foundations" Sarah Stremming at Tails U Win!

May 2018 "A Systematic Approach to Reducing Reactivity, Fear, and Anxiety in Dogs" by Kenneth Martin DVM Diplomate, ACVB & Debbie Martin CPDT-KA, KPA CTP, LVT, VTS (Behavior)

January 2018 "Keys to Successful Animal Training" by Karolina Westlund phD, Professor of Ethology at University of Stockholm

July 2017 "Behavior Modification for Aggressive Dogs" by Trish King CPDT-KA CDBC

April 2017 "Creative Curricula to Fill Your Classes" by Cara Shannon

March 2017 "Advanced Tools for the Modern Trainer: How to Get Behavior Better, Faster, Smarter" by Julie Flannery CPDT-KA