Behavioral Consultations

for dogs of any age

Black Dog

Is your dog experiencing any of the following issues: 

Reactivity: barking, lunging, staring at certain distractions 

Resource Guarding: growling, lunging, baring teeth when in possession of certain items 

Separation Anxiety: excessive barking or whining, destructive behavior, peeing/poo-ing when left alone 

Aggression: the dog has bitten people or other animals

... then a behavioral consultation may be right for you!

There are many resources available online to give owners tips & tricks for addressing certain behavioral problems. However, dog training is as much of an art as it is a science. Blanket advice is often not enough to help put a stop to behavioral problems, and there's no telling the knowledge, skills, or experience of the person giving the advice... or the owner trying to implement it! Often the best course of action is working one on one with a qualified professional trainer/behavior consultant who can give you personalized advice based off of your individual dog and your unique circumstance. 

All behavioral consultations are done in your home so that I can best address your individual concerns. 

Behavioral Consultations are 2-hour appointments and include a detailed training plan emailed to you following the consultation. You are also able to reach out to me for text and email support for one year. 

You will also receive a goodie bag containing: 

  • a clicker

  • a bully stick

  • one roll of poop bags

  • one enrichment toy 

  • a bag of treats 

Price: $250 

Behavioral consultations are available for clients within 30 miles of my location in Enfield, CT. 
For those outside this service radius, a small travel fee of $2 per each additional mile will apply. 

Following your consultation, you will receive the option to purchase additional follow up lessons as needed.