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TDCH Tahnee Howl At That Moon RN NA NAJ ACT2 DM DS CGC TKP

Chester is a 2 year old Golden Retriever, and my first serious sport prospect. We recently had our agility debut, where we came away with qualifying scores in all four classes we entered! We also managed to earn two first & two second place finishes as well. Chester has titles in Rally Obedience, Dock Diving, and has successfully competed in Scent Work. We train in Competition Obedience, Tracking, and Barn Hunt as well but COVID has thrown a wrench in our competition plans! Chester also got his Canine Good Citizen title at just a year old. He earned his Trick Dog Champion title at 14 months old,  finishing his four prerequisite Trick Dog Titles before reaching a year old. Chester is also often used as a demo dog for group classes & private clients.



Finley is a 6 year old terrier mix that opened up my love for trick training and lure coursing. Finley also taught me about working with less biddable (read: "stubborn") and more independent dogs. He's a very strange little guy and definitely has his quirks, but together we've racked up lots of trick dog and lure coursing titles, as well as his Canine Good Citizen title and his novice Rally Obedience title! Finley is a fast little bugger- at only 12" tall, his top recorded speed is 24 mph!



MMB's Monster Magnet NW1 ORT BCAT ITD NTD

Scarlett is a 5 year old chihuahua and terrier mix. I was originally supposed to adopt her brother, but when her foster mom realized that Scarlett was already having some behavioral issues at only 9 weeks old, she talked me into taking her instead. Scarlett is an inherently fearful dog, and it's taken quite a long time for her to learn that strangers aren't actually that scary. She's my shining illustration that it truly is NOT "all in how you raise them." Genetics plays an equally important role in the development and temperament of a dog. Scarlett had a great start to life, and was raised by me in a loving home with all the things a puppy is supposed to experience. But despite this, she still was fearful. Unfortunately, that's just her genetics. But that hasn't stopped her from loving life! With Scarlett, I got introduced to the sport of nose work as a way to try to help her get used to new places and people. Scarlett has gone on to earn her ORT and NW1 title, as well as a third place finish at her first trial! She also has a few trick dog titles and FAST CAT titles as well.


Artz von Wer ITD NTD

Samson is a 10 year old German Shepherd. He was the first dog I ever raised as a puppy, and he taught me so much about working with high-drive, less food motivated dogs. Together we've navigated through his reactivity to other dogs, dabbled in IPO, and earned a few Trick Dog Titles. Though he is now in "retirement," I will always be thankful for what I learned from him!