Private Lessons

Is your dog struggling with any of the following issues: 

- pulling on leash

- not coming when called

- chewing on inappropriate items

- digging in the yard

- counter surfing

- not listening

- potty training

- mouthing/nipping

- excessive barking

Then private lessons might be the answer!

Why choose private lessons over a group class? 

- your schedule means making it to a weekly 1-hour class isn't feasible

- your dog can't focus in a group class or has been excused from group classes

- you're experiencing issues in the home that are not addressed in a group class or the issues are only happening at home

- you think you & your dog could benefit from a more personalized approach

Puppy Play



Right now we are unfortunately unable to accept new clients. 

If you have previously worked with Taylor, 

please contact her privately with any questions. 

If you are looking for a qualified trainer in your area, 

please check the following resources: 

CCPDT Trainer Search 

IAABC Certified Consultants

Fear Free Certified Professionals 

Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partners 

Pet Professional Guild